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Yantai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. of Laiwu Iron & Steel Group

    The core value of “Forever lasting win-win and share” is an important idea for Laiwu Iron & Steel Group to develop sustainably and build a harmonious society, and also the core value of Yantai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.. Values of “win-win” can promote clients and staff to achieve value target jointly, and can also promote value chain interested party to achieve their value target. This compromise is the basic requirement for enterprise development and construction of a harmonious society. “Win-win” and “share” is an indivisible integral. “Win-win” is the premise and foundation of “share”; “share” is the motivation and goal of “win-win”.
   “Win-win and share with each other” shows that during the sustainable development, Yantai Steel Pipe has not always pursued its maximum self-interest, they also should consider the interests of users, shareholders, enterprise staff, strategic partners and benefits of society and environment, thus to keep the long lasting and prosperous vitality of company. “Forever lasting” means the choice for win-win and sharing with each other is not temporary, but a long-standing standard of conduct, and everlasting attitude accompanying with the development of Yantai Steel Pipe. These values carried out on every person of Yantai Steel Pipe is the high standard work, high quality products and high level service, through the sincere and creative work and services to create favorable social benefit and economic benefit for Yantai Steel Pipe and relevant party.
    Enterprise development strategy is a significant design and strategy concerning overall situation for pursuing and maintaining everlasting competitive power, based on enterprises deep comprehension of the policies and guidelines of the Party and the state, the correct analysis and master of macro-economy, market situation and self-situation of Yantai Steel Pipe, which is not only based itself on reality but also focusing on future.
    The recent development shall be established in existing condition, vigorously carry on management innovation and technical innovation, highlight structure adjustment, optimize product mix, develop various potential, reduce cost all-around, and improve profitability sustainably to stable the foundation of enterprise and reserve power.
    The future planning is to develop in different places, which is divided into two steps: the first one is to build new factory area and start new lines; the second one is to rebuild and remove old factories and develop new factories. The overall object is that after putting into production, the annual output shall reach 500,000~600,000 tons, with line-pipe, oil casing pipe and alloy high pressure boiler tube, etc. as leading products, extend specifications properly, strive for further promotion of every economic and technical indexes, and enhance comprehensive competitive power in steel pipe industry by leaps and bounds.  
This is the tenet and mission of managing an enterprise, and also an important idea for new companys utive level to make decisions. Sustainable development of a company is the premise, only first make company develop can shareholders obtain their returns and staff share results. Company develops sustainably thus shareholders can obtain benefits continuously, and staff can get yearly increased salary and income, then gradually step into prosperity.

Enterprise ethics is personalized good moral character of enterprise.

At the same time of considering enterprise development, the company shall be always loyal to shareholders, think highly of investment earning requirements of shareholders, and preserve and increase the value of shareholders investment.

The company and clients is honest and faithful, unit together firmly, to achieve the wish
together, to realize the increasing of benefits together and to make progress together.

The company shall take fair market competition with that of the same industry, develop market potential together, and strive for market share by its strength, credit, quality and service.

When the company considers enterprise development, it shall consider the development of staff at the same time, and when considering enterprise benefits, consider the benefits of staff at the same time. The company and staff work hard with one heart, at the same time of enterprise sustainable development, continually enhance the quality and ability of staff, and continually improve quality of life and living standard of staff. The enterprise and staff create bright future together.

    The work-style of strict management, detail oriented, trying best to do solid work, and carrying out things resolutely is to pursue high speed, high efficiency and high benefits, which is “to do what has been said, to control what should be controlled, to achieve what should be achieved”, and quickly promote that after ting the target.
    Seeking increasing perfection reveals the regular rule of strict, careful, pragmatic and swift management continually enhancing never stopping and the inherent demand of keeping pace with the times. Seeking increasing perfection requires every employee to do things in all seriousness, do every thing well, and perfect every common thing. Only in such case, can the production operations of Yantai Steel Pipe achieve high speed, high efficiency and high level, and realize new development of Yantai Steel Pipe.
    Trains run quickly depending entirely on the locomotive. The enterprise work-style of being strict, careful, pragmatic, swift and seeking increasing perfection shall be accomplished by every employee, but mainly based on the well doing of leaders. If leaders themselves are sluggish and careless, they cannot guide good staff. Therefore, action is wordless command. Leaders at all levels shall examples for the staff by their own resolute work-style, then the work-style of being strict, careful, pragmatic, swift and seeking increasing perfection in the whole company can be formed.

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